McGinn brothers share hockey ties and new Roanoke team

The McGinn brothers grew up in the suburbs in Canada, Playing hockey on a rink as part of the backyard. They are now scattered around the, Playing hockey knowledgeable. Eldest brother Jamie is for the Anaheim Ducks, Who begins play Friday in the NHL playoffs. Middle brother Tye plays for Tampa Bay’s AHL affiliate marketer marketer in Syracuse, While youngest brother Brock plays for Carolina’s AHL affiliate in charlotte now. Formerly this season, All three brothers were in the NHL too. “It’s weird to have three inherited and all have the same passion and the same dream, Jamie McGinn, 27, Said in a phone appointment. They keep on being close. “I talk to Jamie a wide range of day, Tye McGinn, 25, Cited. “I talk to Brock just up to I can we’ll probably talk two or three times a week at least, Really fall, They made hockey the family business in approach. The friends and their father own a total of 67 percent of Roanoke’s new minor league hockey team, May debut next season. “Not the majority can say that while they’re playing[Somewhere around] For owner, Jamie McGinn told me. “It’s unique, But they are leaving business details to their dad. The brothers are more worried about the red line than the conclusion. On weekend nights, The boys and their adults, Robert and Cori, Gathered inside TV to watch”Dance shoes Night in Canada, Each boy began skating at age of 2. “Mother and father built a rink every winter in our backyard, Jamie asserted. “That it had become a big rink, And all your neighborhood kids would come over to our place, The kids even played hockey in the living space, Seen with ministicks and a ball. The boys passed on their hockey knowledge together. “My sister taught me, And Jamie and myself presented Brock, Tye says. Jamie to become passing on what he knows. “Jamie was really good at teaching me and giving me advice about what to prepare for in pro hockey, Tye supposed. “I’m doing this to do the same with Brock, And I know Jamie’s doing the do i think the Brock as well, All three cousons played junior hockey in Canada before being drafted by NHL teams. Jamie was chose by San Jose in the second round of the 2006 NHL draft. Choice his NHL debut two years later with San Jose. He later played for denver denver and Buffalo. He was traded from buffalo grass to Anaheim two months ago, And now starts for the Pacific Division champion Ducks at left wing a matching position his brothers play. He has scored 22 goals for Buffalo and Anaheim joint this season. “I’m not will make the fancy play, But I feel like I have relatively vision out there and a good shot, Jamie described. “Tye maybe doesn’t hit as regularly as I do or Brock, But he can drop the gloves and go toe foot with anyone. “Brock, He’s the actual one of the three of us, But he’s fast and he hits as becoming mack truck, Tye was harvested by Philadelphia in the fourth round of the 2010 draft. He made his NHL debut the Flyers in 2013. He also provides played for San Jose, State of iowa and Tampa Bay. Brock was taken by Carolina in the second round coming from the 2012 draft. Choice his NHL debut with Carolina last fall. “Getting[His friends] Do it in front of me, It is always pushed me to try and get to that goal, Brock these. In august 2014, Jamie and Tye got to play against various other in an NHL game. Persist fall, Tye and Brock got that same chance when Tampa Bay and Carolina faced some other for a November duel.